About PCRS
  In 1993 Plastics Custom Research Services (PCRS) was formed in response to the growing demand for market research tailored precisely to the needs of plastics industry participants. We are able to utilize technical/economic research methods developed through years of experience that yield cost-effective, timely, and accurate data and insights of relevance to your products and services. These methods include both telephone-based and in-person surveys of respondents in the field, manual and electronic searches of trade literature and patents, and statistical analysis.

Our understanding of the evolving plastics industry extends across the full spectrum of thermoplastic and thermoset resins, processing methods, and end-use markets such as the following:

  • aircraft/aerospace
  • appliances
  • automotive
  • electrical/electronic
  • export opportunities
  • materials handling
  • medical devices
  • military programs
  • packaging
  • pipe
  • toys
  • wire and cable
  • additives
  • alloys and blends
  • coatings
  • clear plastics
  • composites
  • conductive plastics
  • electroactive polymers
  • high-temp plastics
  • thermoplastics
  • thermosets
  • UV stabilizers
  • blow molding (bottle and industrial)
  • film extrusion
  • injection molding
  • pipe/tubing extrusion
  • profile extrusion
  • reinforced plastics
  • rotational molding
  • structural foam molding
  • thermoforming (packaging and industrial)

PCRS Mission Statement
Our goal is to prepare and deliver single-client and multi-client market research that meets the needs of our customers – that is,

Accurate (i.e., free of industry hype)
Insightful (i.e., reflecting a nuanced understanding of
evolving market dynamics)
Cost-Effective (i.e., aggressively priced to the market)

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